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the graduate

Usually when you get a grad party invite you look at it, skim over the date and time, and maybe hang it on your fridge for a month. You probably plan on stopping by for a bit, grabbing some food, saying congrats and calling it a day. This was not that kind of party. This was one started at 10AM with beer pong and ended at 11PM with a bonfire!

My friend Mike is one of my favorite people in the whole world! He’s not like anyone else I know and that’s why I love him. When he asked me to be his “official” photog for the day I knew it wouldn’t be your average grad party. He went all out, which is a good thing since he’s been talking about this party for 3 years! His day finally came and he is now a graduate of St. Thomas! I’m so proud of him and happy to have been there to celebrate in perfect Mike style 🙂 Congratulations!

And now some highlights…

What says college better than a game of beer pong?

Horseshoe time!

Its a shame Mike’s so camera shy…

Next event… Bocce Ball!

The biggest hit of the party was definitely the Slip-N-Slide!

This brother sequence was too cute…

And what better way to end the games than with a piñata?

I believe it lasted 15 seconds and Mike was the only one that got to take a swing…

Even though nobody else had a chance to hit, there were prizes for everyone!

This is by no means a technically good picture, but it makes me laugh 🙂

I almost trashed it before noticing Mike walking through the background with the piñata on his head! Classic.

Happy graduation, Mike! Time for the real world 🙂

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