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parting is such sweet sorrow • a tribute to the Metrodome

Its hard to describe the way it felt to be in the Metrodome on October 4th 2009. To those of you who are MN Twins fans, you might have an idea. This was what was supposed to be the last baseball game ever played under that big inflatable dome. At least the last scheduled game… I had a feeling all year that this wouldn’t be the end of our season, but I still made sure to get my tickets 6 months in advance to give the only “stadium” I ever knew, a proper farewell. As soon a we walked in I could feel the excitement for the possible playoffs we were about to enter. The place was more packed than I’d ever seen it and I had a pretty sweet view of the entire building from my $5, nose bleed, “obstructed view” seats! But it didn’t even matter where you sat that day, the energy inside was bouncing off that hideous astroturf field into every seat. I think its fair to say that every person was already stoked to be there and then 2 homers in the 1st inning brought the energy level way up and it never came back down. At this point we were leading 4-0 thanks to Jason Kubel and Delmon Young and it just kept getting better! I’m not going to list all the stats, but with 3 more home runs throughout the game and a final score of 13-4, you cant even imagine how loud that place was! I know a lot of people that got to go to the following tie-breaker game (that would end up getting us into the playoffs against the NYY) and they all said it was amazing and the best game they’d ever been to. Even though that would’ve been awesome, I’m glad I was a part of this day and there for the moment we learned there would be a tie-breaking game 🙂

Here’s some of the images from the best game I’ve ever been to! (So far…) 

Look at those stands! Everyone was on their feet!

The moment they posted the Detroit game’s final score:

Twins WIN!

The reason I decided to make the world’s largest blog post is because its a big week here in MN. Monday marked the Twin’s home opener in our new, beautiful, outdoor stadium, Target Field! Even though I couldn’t be more excited for outdoor baseball and so happy to watch it the way baseball was meant to be seen, the Dome will always have a special place in my heart. I have a million great memories being inside that building. I still remember going to games with my parents and running up and down the aisles with my sisters instead of watching the game 🙂 I’ll never forget the smells, sounds, and amazing moments from inside that Dome. 

Some of my favorite memories:

Enjoying games from inside a suite!

Nick Punto stealing countless bases

Jason Bartlett and the piranhas

Torii Hunter still in a MN Twins uniform

Joe Nathan keeping us on our toes 

My all time favorite pitcher, Johan Santana!

Being at his record breaking game

Torii Hunter’s last game as a Twin

Standing O for Hunter

Cheap beer and cheap seats

The best seats I ever had, 13 rows up from home plate!

4th of July 2008

The longest game I ever attended. We ended up going 16 innings and ending with a loss 🙁

Twins Fest 2010

Dick Bremer!


And all the people I share these memories with! 

Signs = More Fun! 

Lucy’s first suite! 

A Mother’s Day gift ~ Photos by: Sara Montour

October 4th 2009!
















sara montour - i LOVE this!!!

Molly - Great memories throughout! My personal favorites are the photos of us cheering the Twins on no matter if it was the first or last game of the season… and of course the one of Dan Hines.

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