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the coming of the winter on the fields • twin cities lifestyle photography

The Dressels have added a family member and he couldn’t be cuter. Are you kidding me with those puppy eyes??? And holy crap was it cold on this day! We all complained except for Cooper, so he’s already my favorite model. Despite the temp, it was a super fun morning, as it always is with these guys:)

*side note: please ask me to photograph your puppies! You need photos of them when they’re this small and it’s really fun for me to shoot things other than humans every once in a while:)


i’ll chase you i’m your biggest fan • twin cites lifestyle photography

Oscar ran all over Stillwater for an hour and I chased him with my camera. It was a pretty typical hang out for us. As if he needed anything other than that vest to be the cutest kid ever, he hammed it up the whole time (and laughed at his mom’s dancing. A LOT).
1-smallO_1767BW2-smallO_18143-combo14-smallO_17555-combo26-smallO_1904BW7-smallO_19388-combo39-smallO_199810-smallO_1987This one isn’t perfectly in focus, but I had to include it because it can only be described as a baby Thriller dance move and I love him so.

a couple drops and they all start coming down • twin cities lifestyle photography

We had a little bit of rain last weekend, but that didn’t stop us! Luckily the Willis fam has a great view from their deck and we could run inside to warm up in between shots. The kids toughed it out and we ended with some indoor running/dancing around:)1-smallwillis_16342-combo13-smallwillis_16494-smallwillis_16065-combo26-combo57-combo38-combo49-smallwillis_1738bw10-smallwillis_1724