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blast from the past

This is a photo booth from my previous business, BeeTour. Its been a year since this studio opening and I cant believe how much has changed since then! Sara is now rockin’ her business in Tacoma, WA and I’m just starting mine here in the Twin Cities. I think its safe to say that we threw the BEST gallery shows, openings, and parties at all of our studios over those 3 years! I also think everyone would agree that the best part was the photo booth (and the BeeTini’s-our signature drink)! Looking at this a whole year later just brings back all the great memories we made while working together for something we both love so much!

I <3 BeeTour Forever.


sara montour - BeeTour 4 Eva!

melissa oholendt - Holy CRAP that is an awesome video. Thinking that it needs to be recreated for sure…

cabin fever

I’m really not a fan of winter. I mean, I think snow is pretty for about a day, but I hate driving in it and I hate being cold. Every year when mid January hits I’m pretty much going crazy until spring! I’ve been trying to figure out my vacation time and all I can think about is warm weather and the beach 🙂 I started going through old files from a trip to San Diego and decided to edit a few that I never posted.