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cabin fever

I’m really not a fan of winter. I mean, I think snow is pretty for about a day, but I hate driving in it and I hate being cold. Every year when mid January hits I’m pretty much going crazy until spring! I’ve been trying to figure out my vacation time and all I can think about is warm weather and the beach 🙂 I started going through old files from a trip to San Diego and decided to edit a few that I never posted. 


It had been a long time since I’d been to Duluth with my sisters. We decided to drive up in November to do some Christmas shopping and relax before the holidays. 

These are some of my favorites from our weekend!  

We booked a hotel in Canal Park and immediately got upgraded to a lake view room! 

After a long day of shopping we decided to hang out at the beach! 

Quick stop in Two Harbors for a visit to ‘the 3 spot’ and a Bloody Mary @ Dunnigan’s!