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saved by the bell lives on!

I realize this is just a picture of a play program, but it was by far the highlight of my week! The Bryant Lake Bowl theater put on a play reenacting two episodes of Saved by the Bell. It sounded like an awesome idea to me since it was my favorite show growing up, but I was not expecting it to be as hilarious as it was! I went with my sisters and my friend of 25 years and we laughed the whole time. The best part is that they followed the episode’s script word for word and we knew every line by heart. It was pretty much like we were back in 1991 in my parent’s living room, watching TV after school! The BLB did an excellent job of making each character overly cheesy and true to the SBTB legacy. They even had early 90s commercials between each scene! It was a fun flashback for the night and I highly recommend seeing it if it ever comes back 🙂 

book worms • twin cities engagement photography

I looooove engagement sessions so I was super stoked when Jaime told me she wanted to surprise Charly with a shoot for their anniversary. She mentioned it to me around Christmas time so I had to keep it a secret forever! Charly was definitely surprised, especially because we had several discussions about what she thought Jaime might be getting her. Did I mention we all worked together? It was a little sneaky, but fun 🙂 

They’re still deciding on a date for the wedding and I’ve heard a lot of tentative plans, but two things are for sure…

1. There WILL BE chair covers! And 2. The honeymoon will be in Greece! (SO jealous!)



We started out the day wandering around downtown St. Paul and Rice Park

Sometimes during a shoot I’ll make people climb a tree, stand in oncoming traffic, or scale a wall…

But its TOTALLY worth it for shots like this! 

My favorite 🙂

I call these my ‘stalker’ shots… 

 We ended the day at  Barnes & Noble, one of Jaime & Charly’s favorite places! 

Congrats! I cant wait to hear the final plans! 

Molly - These are adorable! I love the ones reading, and also the color- sitting on the ledge back-to-back laughing. Really cute, good job.

Weird Aunt Beth - I love the black and white stalker shot, but my fave is the one you marked. Back to back on the ledge laughing.


a family of six • twin cities lifestyle photography

I got to spend this past Saturday with my friend Stephanie and her adorable little family!

We made a fabulous plan to get lots of pictures of the kids having a blast in a winter wonderland setting. We also knew that with four kids all under the age of 5, things were bound to get a little crazy!

Before heading outside, we met for breakfast to get everyone fueled up for our day of fun! Riley had much more important plans that involved a pack of stickers…

Next we decided to head to Kaposia Park and take advantage of the beautiful sunny day.

I started out with all four kids and these are by far my favorite from the day! I love how perfectly these describe each of their personalities 🙂

Riley is my Godson and my favorite boy in the whole world! How can you not love those little freckles?!!! 

Gavin was  a little sad for our group shots, but he cheered up and even gave me some smiles for his one on one 🙂

Chase is the free spirit of the family, he never stays in one spot for more than a minute and a half!

He cracks me up because he’s always doing his own thing and in his own little Chase World. I got couple great smiles and he was off on his own! 

Kaylin loves her dad, and his sunglasses almost as much. She was stealing these all day so she could get this picture!

I heart this one! 

A family portrait 🙂

Steph might kill me for posting this one, but I had to! Somewhere between getting tackled in the snow and diving for the giant snow angel she had to make, THIS happened! 

After getting Stephanie into some new jeans and the kids out of their wet clothes, we hung out at the house for some more photos.


The newest edition to the fam: The Dragon! 

Thanks for a great day with my favorite family!