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meet me in blue sky • twin cities lifestyle photography

Oscar is 6 months! We went to a park that already has an amazing view of Stillwater, and then on top of that, the sky was perfect. I like shooting in the evening because you either get golden light or something like this blue-white-cloud-swirl that we were lucky enough to have. Oscar didn’t really care about the lighting as he laid back chillin’ in his props 🙂  He definitely thinks his parents are the funniest and coolest (you guys are pretty cool, but cherish that). As the session went on he had more and more tongue shots so I had to post one-so cute!

1-smallNelson_11782-smallNelson_11543-combo44-smallNelson_1342BW5-combo36-smallNelson_11937-smallNelson_13698-smallNelson_13729-combo110-smallNelson_128211-combo212-smallNelson_124413-smallNelson_1290BWLove that little tongue 😛

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