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book worms • twin cities engagement photography

I looooove engagement sessions so I was super stoked when Jaime told me she wanted to surprise Charly with a shoot for their anniversary. She mentioned it to me around Christmas time so I had to keep it a secret forever! Charly was definitely surprised, especially because we had several discussions about what she thought Jaime might be getting her. Did I mention we all worked together? It was a little sneaky, but fun 🙂 

They’re still deciding on a date for the wedding and I’ve heard a lot of tentative plans, but two things are for sure…

1. There WILL BE chair covers! And 2. The honeymoon will be in Greece! (SO jealous!)



We started out the day wandering around downtown St. Paul and Rice Park

Sometimes during a shoot I’ll make people climb a tree, stand in oncoming traffic, or scale a wall…

But its TOTALLY worth it for shots like this! 

My favorite 🙂

I call these my ‘stalker’ shots… 

 We ended the day at  Barnes & Noble, one of Jaime & Charly’s favorite places! 

Congrats! I cant wait to hear the final plans! 

Molly - These are adorable! I love the ones reading, and also the color- sitting on the ledge back-to-back laughing. Really cute, good job.

Weird Aunt Beth - I love the black and white stalker shot, but my fave is the one you marked. Back to back on the ledge laughing.


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