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before they turn the summer into dust • twin cities lifestyle photography

This was my first time photographing twins and let me tell you, it’s not easy. My mom is their nanny and I don’t know how she does it by herself all day. They’re really good babies, but being 9 months means being on the go. Times two. And they’re quick! Just watching them interact with each other cracks me up. Grace will go completely out of her way just to crawl over her sister to pick up a toy, and Isla will go after any toy that Grace has 🙂  They will be hilarious once they start running around together! I’m glad my last summer session was with my first set of twins! Also, I told my mom I’m hiring her as an assistant because I don’t sing children’s songs and these two loved it 🙂



Mom - They turned out amazing!. I love them, it will be hard to decide which one to blow up! I found out their anniversary is Nov 3! So a perfect gift! Thanks again

Andrea W - Reason 4,528 why your mom is so amazing! This was the most thoughtful, wonderful gift ever! You are so talented Laura, your work is stunning. I hope to meet you some day and would love to hire you for some more beautiful memories. Thank you for capturing my so perfectly the two that mean everything to me.

Grammy Kathy - OMG…tears running down my face as I smile with each and every photo! THANK YOU so much for posting these gorgeous shots, which are truly treasures to Grandpa and I. We take care of Isla and Grace on M/T and you can only imagine how many times we say, “HOW does Mary do it/” She is amazing and a gift to all of us…esp. our granddaughters! Your photography…a talent!

Joy Watruba - Hi Laura, We are Isla & Grace’s grandparents, Joy & Larry Watruba from Green Bay, WI., We want to thank you for all the beautiful pictures of the girls, Eric brought us to your web site & we spent a good part of yesterday afternoon looking @ all your pictures, your photography is amazing!! We will talk to Eric about how we can get some copies made of Isla & Grace, we have met your mother a couple of times while watching the girls & yes, she is amazing with them!! She shows them so much love & security, they just love her & so does Eric & Andrea, they cannot say enough good things about your mom, thankyou Laura!! Joy & Larry W.

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