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Monthly Archives: June 2014

if you hold my hand and take me where you go • twin cities lifestyle photography

The Dressels just celebrated their 1 year anniversary! It’s so fun that they’ll have photos documenting every year they’ve been together. This wasn’t quite the photo shoot on the beach, in Mexico, that it was last year…BUT it was still beautiful 🙂  We managed to beat the rain in between downpours and everything was so […]

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it’s full of life and it is all blue

Happy World Oceans Day! My love for the ocean started at a very young age, before I ever even stood on a beach. I was always drawn to anything sea related: Zoobooks, National Geographic, Lisa Frank stationary (I still rememeber the kissing fish folder), I had it all. It was probably around age 10 when I became fascinated […]

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