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Monthly Archives: June 2010

al fresco

I was in Milwaukee the past three days and saw so many great places for my first stay! We spent a day on Brady Street and it was definitely my favorite spot. There were tons of little shops, cafes, restaurants, and vintage stores. It was the perfect spot for shopping and chillin’ on a patio […]

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I’m a little late on last week’s photo because I’ve been in California for the past 5 days! My friend Tabitha invited me on this amazing beach house weekend three months ago and we had the countdown going for 87 days! I just got back to MN and there will be many more pictures to come, […]

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the graduate

Usually when you get a grad party invite you look at it, skim over the date and time, and maybe hang it on your fridge for a month. You probably plan on stopping by for a bit, grabbing some food, saying congrats and calling it a day. This was not that kind of party. This […]

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